10 Easy and Effective Beauty Tips

Ten simple and effective beauty secrets that every girl should know.

1. Brush on your hair spray.

As the final step to blow drying, spray hair pray onto your brush and run it through your hair. This keeps your hair from becoming plastered and stiff, but it will still hold volume and shine.

2. Use lemon to remedy stained nails.

If your nails are stained my dark nail polishes stick your nails in lemon halves for five minutes to help brighten nails instantly. This trick is often used by models because they are constantly getting their nails done, often with dark, staining polishes.

3. Powder your roots.

If your hairline starts to look greasy, find a big fluffy makeup brush. Dip it in loose powder, and tap the brush to remove any excess, then dust it over your roots. This will mop up oil and blend into your strands.

4. Use bars of soap in your dresser.

You know those fancy bars of soap, that are too pretty to actually use. Toss these in your underwear or tee-shirt drawer to make skin smell extra delicious.

5. Remedy static riddles hair.

Use a dryer sheet to remove static from frizzy hair. This also works to quickly remove any unwanted scents from the night before. Whether your hair smells like a frat party, or anything similarly unpleasant, this will cover it up as well as remove static.

6. Use toothpaste to remove pimples

If you find yourself with an unwanted zit, you can apply a small amount of toothpaste on it, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then wash it off.

7. Coconut oil.

This sweet-smelling oil is packed full of antioxidant properties to combat premature aging. Coconut oil absorbs well into the skin, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Coconut oil also can be use as a great tool for keeping you hair healthy, shiny, and strong. The oil increases circulation on the scalp, helping to supply nutrients to the hair follicles. Simply apply it to the scalp and work it out to the ends, leave it in for an hour or so, then shampoo well, and condition.

8. Instant Glow

Just get home from work, and need to quickly spruce up before heading out on the town? Mix equal parts lemon and honey, apply it to you face and wash it off after 10 minutes. This will quickly add a healthy glow to your skin.

9. Plump your lips.

As a quick way to plump your lips you can apply a small amount of cinnamon, cayenne, or a similar irritant over your lips.

10. Water

Drink water, and more water. Water is truly a girl’s best friend. No matter how many beauty tips or tricks you learn, drinking plenty of water is the most important one. Water cleanses the body of toxins, and leaves skin looking healthy. Water will make you feel healthy and hydrated as well as leaving you skin and hair feeling supple.

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