4 Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Nothing can bring out the best in brides more than custom made wedding dresses that fit perfectly, enhance their assets, hide their flaws and reflect their unique personality.

They combine the high-end luxury of couture gowns with the practicality of ready-to-wear bridal outfits, which is why they are enjoying a newfound popularity among many brides-to-be.

Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about this kind of bridal wear.

What’s the difference between made-to-measure, bespoke and custom made wedding dresses?

Made-to-measure, bespoke and custom made wedding dresses are all specially tailored to fit customers’ unique measurements (as opposed to pret-a-porter or ready-to-wear) but there is a difference. Made-to measure gowns are made from standard designs and patterns and tailored to fit specific customers’ measurements. They are made to order by dressmakers based on an existing design with leeway for a little customisation. Bespoke and custom made wedding dresses are considered the same – both have a higher standard of customisation, based on a bride’s personal design requirements and tastes.

Are they expensive?

Having something custom made will definitely cost more than the average off-the-rack gown, but they more than make up for it with the resulting comfort and stylishness only an exactly fitting gown can offer. In fact they can offer more value-for-money in the long run, avoiding the added time, effort and costs of hunting for the perfect dress. Some brides have to go in to many different bridal boutiques and department stores, picking from hundreds of gowns and trying them on. And, surprisingly, having a bespoke gown created can often can cost far less than an off-the-rack gown by a top named designer.

How long will it take to finish? How early should I order?

A bespoke gown can take anywhere from four weeks for a simple design to six months or more for lace and beaded ones or those with complicated construction and hard-to-find fabrics. For those planning to wear simple designs, perhaps four months before the wedding is enough. Still, it is best to start talking to designers and dressmakers at least nine months before in order to make sure that your dream gown will be finished before the wedding.

Can I go on a diet to gain or lose weight and still have my dream dress?

While drastic weight loss or gain is not encouraged during the fitting period and dressmaking process, designers can and will usually make adjustments and allowances in order to ensure a proper fit on the big day. If you are planning to lose weight for your wedding, inform your couturier early on so he or she can schedule fittings along the way, with the last one happening as late as two weeks before the event.

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