7 Tips to Spend Less on Your Daughter’s Dresses

Many think that boy’s kid’s clothing is more expensive than the ones for girls. On the other hand, girls have more needs compared to boys. Boys, for instance, can get awa with pants and shirts; girls need to have those, as well as dresses and other gender-specific kid’s clothing items. Needless to say, parents need to find ways on how to spend less on clothes shopping if they want to provide every kid’s clothing need of their daughters. Here are seven tips on how to spend less on girl dresses and clothing:

1. Know the basics and concentrate on them. Know the essentials of every girl’s wardrobe and how many of these kid’s clothing essentials you should have. To wit, a girl should have around 10 shirts, at least one skirt and around two tops that can be worn with it, around three to five pants, and three coats (one for winter, one for spring, one for fall). Anything beyond these kid’s clothing must-haves are already luxuries. Needless to say, luxuries are fine. However, many parents tend to spend more on the frivolous, myaking them spend more. Appropriate your purchases according to your budget.

2. Consider the quality of the kid’s clothing pieces you’ll buy. However, consider the price and the quality of the kid’s clothing piece vis a vis the possibility that your daughter will wear the dress for a long time. If your daughter will only wear the dress twice a year, a moderately price item would do. Dresses are inherently flimsy, so take note of this.

3. Make sure your daughter will wear the kid’s clothing piece you’ll buy. Comfort is key here. By ensuring that your daughter is comfortable with the clothes you buy, you do not run the risk of buying the same type of clothing piece again.

4. Buy seasonal kid’s clothing items earlier. In fact, you’d get bigger discounts if you buy way in advance. For instance, clothing stores usually sell winter clothing items for a huge discount during spring.

5. If you’re concerned with your budget, choose kid’s clothing pieces that are least likely to go out of style after a few months. This way, your daughter can still use them next year if it still fits them.

6. Avoid stores that sell kid’s clothing pieces at the same price as adult clothing pieces. This is usually the tendency for girl’s clothing, particularly with more expensive brands. Adult clothes can be expensive if the quality is good because it can be used for years. Young girls, however, will grow out of their clothes after a year or so (girls do grow faster than boys, and at an earlier age). With this consideration, kid’s clothing should never be at the same price point as clothing pieces for adults because they do not offer the same value in terms usage longevity.

7. Buy kid’s clothing pieces online. Online stores offer the best discount. And this works well for girl’s kid’s clothing too, since most clothing stores focus on girl’s apparel. You may want to consider second hand clothing stores-although do check online kid’s clothing stores first. You may be surprised how the difference of the prices between the two is actually small.

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