A Doctor’s Perspective on the 3 Simple Functions of Total Body Wellness

According to Webster’s Dictionary “wellbeing is a state of being happy, healthy or prosperous”. In order to be happy it is necessary to choose to be well. We must keep a positive attitude; we must nourish the body with good healthy food and exercise and we must engage in some productive work. We must be the stewards of three separate functions of total wellness. The three components are: emotional, physical and financial wellness. Above all we must avoid negative thoughts and activities which would be harmful to us.

You are what you eat. It is a simple function, if you put garbage in, you will get garbage out. Yes, it takes a little effort to check out the ingredients of our mass produced processed food. However, the benefits of eating for wellness are amazing. Start with this simple step. When shopping for groceries we must read all the labels to be able to recognize non-food chemical ingredients which are ubiquitous. Non-food items such as soda pop, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners and preservatives provide no nourishment and, in fact, are harmful to the body and can have adverse effects on the mind.

As far as possible it is best to maintain a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins such as dairy products and small amounts of poultry, meat and seafood and whole grains and nuts. It is better to avoid all processed foods, if possible, and choose foods in their natural state.

As we nourish our bodies with good food, we must build up our endurance with physical exercise. While some may choose to run marathons, others may want to take part in team sports or personal exercise. Still others may enjoy a brisk walk on a lovely day. Whatever is your pleasure, physical exercise done in moderation will contribute to your sense of wellbeing dramatically.

While it is not possible for all of us to be multimillionaires, nor is it necessary to be rich to achieve total body wellness, we must have realistic expectations and goals in order to achieve our financial wellness so that we may have sufficient comfort and security and contentment with our lives. This may require some effort to educate ourselves and develop our talents and abilities in order to achieve our goals.

A supportive family and good friends will recognize your intrinsic worth and dignity as a human being and certainly contribute to your emotional wellbeing and total wellness. If you are lucky enough to have such a family you are fortunate indeed. This is a positive foundation upon which to build your emotional health.

Intellectual pursuits such as listening to or making music, reading, painting and writing will enhance your mind and give you much pleasure and satisfaction. It is immensely gratifying to be creative and grow. You might even contribute towards somebody else’s wellbeing. When you combine these three functions of total wellness, you will find that you are healthier, have more energy, are happier, and will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. There is no magic pill, but total body wellness can be achieved when you keep these areas and tips in perspective.

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