Adjusting Your Fashion Trends For the Cooler Weather in the Fall

Once the weather changes for the cooler, out come the fall and winter clothing. This is a natural instinctive response of the body that knows all too well what the cold can do to it. The body will seek the looser and thicker clothes and shed the light and cool ones of summer.

Colors worn during these times also change, gone are the summer light and bright color tones in exchange for the more sombre and elegant lines that wool and knits bring. They are chunky clothes that are elegance in themselves and people will flock to get more if the chill gets any nippier. Fall makes people think of hearth and home, probably as a response in seeking the comforts of a warm fire at home.

Basic clothes include the following: pants for casual wear and for work, skirts of black thick wool that would look good in long thick blazers or trench coats and scarves as well as knee high boots that can be flat or stiletto, depending on the maneuvering capabilities of the wearer. Then there are the dresses usually of wool again best exemplified by the elegant lines of a wrap around dress paired with boots and cashmere coats. Shirts and blouses in thick silky material go a long way when paired with the woollen skirts and worn under long coats. Then of course, everyone’s favourite, the sweater. From medium thickness to really thick ones that could give warmth simply by looking at them.

The Paris fashion, leaders in fashion industry and style, go for the clean lines this year. The trend of fall fashion is to make the look last for several years. They have to be as functional as well as make the wearer look good and elegant in the simple lines. Fall fashion calls for simplicity in design and high in elegance and functioning. The look should suit both the young and the mature equally.

Chanel has revisited Beau Brummel. In honour of the classic look, the frilly laces and collars and faux cravats more than make up for the severity of the black and simple lines. Simply because fall is elegant and more austere compared to spring and summer, does not mean that women have to give up their femininity. The look hugs and emphasizes the woman’s figure and is elegant and dandy at the same time.

Earhart and Garbo have lent their elegance and style this season as well. The austere and manly style of these women has made emphasis on the strength of femininity. Army greens, coats and basic thick silk aviator blouses are coming into play this season. The emphasis on the shoulders is back but with a subtler line than the previous years. This time, strength comes in not in the lines, but in the tucks and look. The colors reflect the army colors yet keep to the elegant austerity of the cold season.

Look into the new fashion this fall and see which look is great for you. The trend today is more practical in approach and you might be surprised that some of your older apparels can be still worn today with just a simple twist in some new tops. Look elegant this year with both the old and the new.

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