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If you have pain in your joints, everyday life can get difficult. The discomfort can be caused by injuries, diseases (for example, lupus), or it may just be a side effect of aging. Either way, the stiffness and aching can really put a damper on your lifestyle. Products like Orange Triad try help put joy back in your step as it works to protect and restore joint health.

Who is it for? Orange Triad is for anyone suffering from joint pain. People with arthritis or osteoarthritis can really find peace with this product. Arthritis is most common in middle aged women but anyone can suffer from this disease. The cause for it remains unknown and its victims suffer from inflamed joints and tissues. The cause of osteoarthritis is also unknown and most people will deal with it by the time they reach 70. Osteoarthritis can be related to age and has to do with wearing out your joints. Strenuous use of any joint can lead to osteoarthritis (for example, athletes and pianists).

Orange Triad also helps with digestion and improving the immune system. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement and has nutrient partitioning agents and digestive aids.

A target audience for Orange Triad would be athletes. The supplement really puts focus on helping serious athletes optimize their health and game. The heavy use that an athlete puts on his or her joints can really degenerate cartilage. Matter of fact, of the 40+ million people that suffer from joint pain, 8 million of them are active in the gym or have had a sports related injury. There is a lot of stress put on the bones when heavy training and cardio are practiced. Orange Triad works to help lubricate joints and tissues while also improving the resiliency of connective tissues.

There is a long list of ingredients that make up Orange Triad. Two of the key ingredients are Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate. You will often see Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate paired together to help knock out joint pains and restore them to their health.

It is suggested to take six tablets a day. An ideal schedule would be to take three with breakfast and the last three with dinner. Note that it is also encouraged to drink a healthy amount of water while on this product.

Orange Triad is created to help stop aches and improve the digestive and immune system. While the supplement does highlight athletes, it can help anyone who is suffering from joint discomfort.

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