Benefits of a Corporate Fitness Program

It is important then to ensure your employees' good health by carrying out a fitness program for them. The benefits of employee wellness are:

1. More energy. Fit employees have an increased and sustained energy throughout the working day;

2. Better focus and higher productivity. They can produce high quality work at a higher rate / speed and are able to achieve work goals;

3. Better attitude. Healthy employees are happy, mentally balanced, and have a relatively good attitude toward co-workers and more importantly, toward customers;

4. More initiative. They tend to take more leadership roles. Fit employees have greater self-esteem, are more confident about their abilities, and are more likely to accept bigger responsibilities;

5. Fit employees have strong immune systems. They usually have a reduced risk of developing stress-related diseases, anxiety, or depression;

6. Improved alertness resulting in better concentration, and less number of workplace injuries;

7. Reduced health care costs;

8. Reduced absenteeism;

9. Improved customer service and community relations leading to a better corporate image, better corporate brand, and better business.

Types of Suitable Fitness Program : A good corporate fitness program will incorporate elements of cooperation, team work, and congeniality to the exercise activities that promote health, strength, endurance, and agility. Team exercises done during breaks or after hours, monthly group relaxation activities, group yoga are healthy, therapeutic, and team-building activities. Employees living near the workplace could work or bike to work. They could also bring in small relaxation equipment such as massage balls, reflexology pads, stretching ropes, etc. Contract a professional massage therapist to provide weekly 30-minute chair massage to relieve stress and improve employee concentration. Bike-riding employees should have a safe storage for bicycles and other equipment.They could also bring in small exercise equipment that can be used throughout the day for relaxation at work. Observe hygiene in the workplace. Regular cleaning and fumigation should help keep away pests and insects. If the floor is carpeted, regular vacuuming will keep away dust, dirt, and harmful insects that bring illnesses. Hand sanitizers should be installed in strategic places in the workplace.

How to Facilitate the Office Fitness Program : Just like any other form of corporate communications, the leisure program can be disseminated through the same channels-meetings, bulletin boards, posters, email blasts, or newsletter. It is important to have someone knowledgeable to assess the individual needs and capacities of your employees, to monitor their progress, and to make appropriate recommendations. That person must ensure that every participant to the fitness program is indeed fit to safely take part in the recommended activities.

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