Celebrities As Role Models For Your Children

There has been much concern that has developed in recent years about the effect that seeing so many celebrities up close and personal might be having on our children.

So many times famous people like movies stars, music stars, and sports stars live lives that can seem so glamorous and trouble free to our kids. We seem to think that all they see are the advantages that they have.

While it is true that with so much celebrity exposure, this could be a factor in leading children in one direction or another. With television and all that is available to view, children can often be exposed to some things that they should not be. Many channels that we can have access to with satellite and cable, can have content that is inappropriate for some.

Some music and concerts that have adult lyrics can make kids feel more grown up when they sing them. The skimpy clothing that is being worn by young female celebrities and pop stars have little girls as young as five or six wanting to imitate their style. While there is nothing one can say about what other people wear, it is ultimately parents who buy the clothes our kids wear.

Young boys that see their favorite sports star wearing designer clothes and two hundred dollar pairs of tennis shoes may not fully understand that their parents might not be able to afford these things. Many young people have resorted to stealing and worse to get these items.

In recent months especially, there have been incidents where some of the celebrities that our kids love to imitate, have gotten into some serious trouble. In many of these cases these celebrities are paying the price for their actions.

Although it is a sad thing about what many of these young and famous are going through, it is at least good that our children also get to see that there are rules to abide by and sometimes it does not matter who you are.

In being fair to celebrities, there are many who pride themselves on trying to be better role models for their young audiences. As parents we must realize that how our children turn out in life is in large due to how they are raised at home and the time and effort that we put into them.

So if our children end up in trouble of some kind or are heading down the wrong path, it is not fair to place the blame on some celebrity we do not even know. After all, we are the ones who are responsible for our kids, not celebrities and how they live their lives.

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