Celebrities Inspire Fashion Jewelry Trends

Even in the early days of Hollywood the public looked to the stars to determine what is fashionable and what was not. After all these celebrities were expected to always be glamorous and in vogue. Some of the popular jewelries were based on what the stars were wearing. Heavy metal dangling earrings were fashionable when silent movies were still the trend. When sound was incorporated in the movies, the rattling of these earrings overwhelm the actor’s voices and so tighter fitting jewelries replaced the dangling ones. The public noticed and the tighter fitting earrings became popularized.

Not much has changed at present for the public, who is still pays very close attention to what the stars are wearing. This is evident in the way the stars have to dress up for the Oscars because they know people are looking at what they wear. The celebrities are both fortunate and unfortunate in events such as these. They get to wear expensive designer jewelries and they get the publicity that they want. However, they rarely own these jewelries but the jewelers get free advertising.

At any rate, celebrity inspired jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and imitations are selling well. The way the stars influence current trends is evident with the media’s circus over celebrity engagement rings. The engagement of Catherine Zeta-Jones to Michael Douglas was sealed with a 10-carat marquise diamond. Jennifer Lopez’s finger glittered with a 6-carat pink diamond when Ben Affleck asked for her hand in marriage.

Popular TV shows like “The Sex and the City” and movies like ”Fools Gold” also influence fashion trends. The horseshoe necklace worn by Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker, in this widely watched TV series is among the top 10 online celebrity jewelries. Another one of the best online sellers is the palm tree pendant worn by Kate Hudson in the movie ”Fools Gold”. Imitation of pendants worn by Brittany Murphy, Madonna, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez are on the top list of celebrity jewelries that are considered very stylish. Gwyneth Paltrow’s drop earrings, Paris Hilton’s drop chandelier earrings, Jennifer Aniston’s stud earrings, Jessica Simpson’s hoop earrings and Jessica Biel’s dazzling stud earrings which was given by boyfriend Justin Timberlake all rank in the Top 20 of online celebrity jewelries. As long as celebrities exist, our fascination for them and the jewelries they wear will always be present.

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