Cost of Failure Vs The Price of Success

Have you ever heard the quote: “You must pay the price of success.”? Well, that may be true, however I like the way Zig Ziglar says it: “You must ENJOY the price of success.”

That is so true. Success takes work. Usually hard work. But it shouldn’t make you miserable. If you cannot enjoy the journey to success, then it probably doesn’t lead to true success. I just simply do not believe that you can attain peace, joy and success in life if the way there makes you a miserable person on the way.

Generally, you pay, or enjoy if you prefer, the price of success once, on the way. But what about the reverse? What about the cost of failure? Did you know that you pay the cost of failure your entire life? By failure, I don’t mean the temporary setbacks we encounter along the way to success. Failure is quitting or letting go of your goals and dreams. That’s the only thing that should be able to stop you.

You’re probably familiar with the term, “residual income,” right? That’s when you make money over and over on a regular basis for something done one time. It’s a great thing to have. However, failure is like a negative residual income. Instead of paying you over a lifetime, YOU pay over a lifetime. Pretty scary isn’t it? What you do can pay you, or you can pay for it. Forever.

Worst of all, the cost of failure is ALWAYS, YES ALWAYS, HIGHER than the price of success. You will never pay more for success than you pay for failure. If you achieve what you thought you wanted and find that you paid a higher price than if you had not achieved your goals, did you really succeed?

Nope. No way. If you have to give up more than you get, that’s not being successful. It’s being narrow, ruthless, selfish and narcissistic; but it’s not success. True success comes from helping others get what they want. You have to give value to receive value. If you give more value that you receive, you have to ask yourself if you’re really on the right track. What needs to change?

You especially have to be careful with this when what you are giving up is time with family. It’s possible to achieve every goal and realize every dream you ever had, but lose everything you ever loved in the process. That is a price of success that turns into the cost of failure.

So, what would you rather do? Enjoy the price of success once or pay the cost of failure over a lifetime?

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