Creative Collective for Lifestyle (CCL) UTLT Air Purifier Review and Numbers Analysis

Creative Collective for Lifestyle (CCL Products Limited) is a company out of China. They offer one air purifier solution called the UTLT AP-360. The AP-360 is an electrostatic air cleaner that uses an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) with ozone and ionization to clean the air. The draw of the ESP is that it is permanent and does not need filter changes. This purifier costs $1.12 per square foot of air cleaned per year. It covers 100 square feet and costs $1116.15 to use over 10 years. It has an MSRP of $199.95.

This air cleaner will be effective against particles, odors, and gases in the air to a moderate degree. It has a poor cost-benefit ratio when compared to competitors in the marketplace. It is made in China leaving it suspect to quality control issues and the company provides no information on its warranty. We wonder if it has one.

The UTLT is designed for very small spaces like an office or a bathroom. Used in this context, you will notice it is not badly priced. But when you put it on a level playing field in terms of the cost per square foot, you see it is not the best value available. In fact, even for small systems like this one, $1.12 per square foot is very steep. Most ozone and ionization systems run below 20 cents a square foot of air cleaned per year.

ESP type air purifiers are outdated as stand-alone units. ESP has some benefits as an alternative for furnace filters but is an inefficient option for most cutting edge air cleaner options. This is not an air cleaner we would recommend for most situations. It may be a good, albeit pricey, option for some very small room environments. But it will not address the needs most serious air purifier hunters are looking to solve.

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