Cures For Genital Herpes That Keep You Outbreak Free Forever

There are no cures for genital Herpes! At least that is what you have been told. Cures for genital Herpes are years away! The drug companies are working on them, but in the meantime you just have to keep buying their expensive prescription treatments for trying to control the Herpes symptoms each time you have outbreaks. Of course, they like that scenario, so permanent Herpes cures are years away!

Let’s look at cures for genital Herpes from a different angle! The wrong approach is to keep treating the symptoms. The right approach is to get your body to the point of metabolic balance where you never experience symptoms of Herpes ever again!

That is not a bold, baseless statement. A large percentage of people who have the Herpes virus don’t even know they have it. That could be why it is so widespread. They have never had an outbreak, or else they have had a mild outbreak that they didn’t even realize was a Herpes attack and then they have never had the problem again.

What makes them different to you is that they do not have Herpes symptoms or outbreaks and you do. Now, they have the same Herpes virus in their system as you do, so it is not a question of you having a more powerful version of the virus.

What it has to do with is that their bodies are managing the virus better than yours! Nothing more than that!

So because there are no cures for genital Herpes, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you can get your metabolism and your immune system to behave like theirs? Can you successfully manage the virus like thousands of people already do?

It is true that some of those people just naturally have the metabolic balance and the immune system levels which achieve an outbreak-free existence for them. However, it is equally true that many people have managed to naturally adjust their immunity levels and their metabolisms so that they get to the point of no Herpes symptoms.

That’s right – people who previously suffered from outbreaks now live Herpes free! Yet there are no cures for genital Herpes!

Some of these people achieved the required changes in as little as a few weeks. No drugs were involved. Indeed, the process is entirely natural. Yet it is also entirely effective in a very high percentage of cases!

They live Herpes free even though there are no cures for genital Herpes! Food for thought?

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