Eczema Symptoms – Is Scratching Really On The List of Eczema Symptoms?

The factors leading to skin diseases are always different. Skin problems are caused by microbial attack, exposure to the environmental factors, irritants, allergens and also because of some genetic problems.

Cure of skin diseases that are caused by microbial attack and those caused by the skin contact with irritants and allergens, can call for different remedies. Eczema is the skin disease that is not caused by a microbial invasion, however eczema symptoms are same as that of some other skin diseases that are caused by attack of fungi, bacteria or viruses.

Still, the diagnosis of the disease is easy, as some characteristics of eczema are unique and these are easily shown in the symptoms. An expert dermatologist can readily tell if the patient is suffering from eczema by looking at the skin. For the diagnosis of eczema, any complex test is not necessary.

There are different types of eczema but most of them share common eczema symptoms. As a result of this disease, skin becomes reddish and develops scaly patches. In severe cases blisters are formed which are filled with fluid. Scratching the skin can produce intense itching and leads to soreness of the skin and in some cases, extreme discomfort and pain. Cracks can appear on the skin, also known as fissures. There are many different types but the symptoms of eczema are almost the same, sometimes they vary according to the area under attack.

Eczema symptoms may differ on the face, stomach, head, back, buttocks, knees and elbow joint and on hands and feet. In all the cases, the disease requires to be treated with precaution. A patient should avoid contact or exposure with certain irritants and allergens.

Even food can contain a major portion of allergic reaction in the form of preservatives and chemicals. Other common irritants and allergens include cosmetics, metals such as nickel, cobalt and iron, gums, resins, synthetic fibers and woollen clothes. Increasing the contact of skin with water and taking frequent baths also flares up the disease as it increases the dryness. Avoid too much bathing during the eczema flare up and keep your skin moisturized with the help of cream and lotions specifically formulated for the treatment of eczema.

Sometimes, confusion reigns when it comes to diagnosis based on the symptom of scratching. Scratching and redness does not always equal eczema, however when the treatment for eczema can also be used when eczema is not the prognosis.

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