Fashion Designer Hotels – The New "IT"

You’ve seen their collections, watched them take in the applause after each show and have probably read about what inspires them to be at their creative best. But did you know that some of the most famous names in fashion are now also putting their creative touches and designer label stamp on hotels all over the world? Why would a famous designer want to be part of the hospitality industry? Well, besides creating new designs and looks (which is their hallmark anyways), people can now get a taste of real luxury which can be felt and even slept in. These designers take care to have a say in everything- be it the upholstery in the rooms to staff uniforms, overall appeal of the hotel and every other minute detail. The next time you want a taste of real luxury; why not stay a few days at some of these best known fashion designer hotels?

  1. Armani Hotel, Dubai – The Armani Hotel is nested in the Burj Khalifa Tower and is a fitting tribute to the beauty and radiance of the building itself. Choose from 160 rooms which were designed by Giorgio Armani himself in sober shades with minimal furnishings. Have a fine meal in one of the eight restaurants here, enjoy a late night party at the Privea club or simply soak in the luxury of the Armani Spa. Armani’s second designer hotel will be opening soon in Milan as well.

  2. The G Hotel, Ireland – Guests can expect nothing but the best when they stay in this hotel designed exclusively by Philip Treacy. A playful splash of colors and an upbeat vibe fills every room here, from the pink chairs in the Ladies Lounge to the blue walls and purple sofas in the Gentleman’s Lounge. Enjoy a drink at the cocktail bar where Swarovski crystals add to the hotel’s glamour.

  3. Hotel Notre Dame, Paris – This hotel is the playground of Christian Lacroix’s vivid imagination. The hotel has just 26 rooms for guests and is a stone’s throw away from the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine. Each room has a different theme with abstracts, animal prints and other designs. Guests who are not familiar with Lacroix’s work may find the overall design too flamboyant but the hotel is a renowned brainchild of the timeless designer.

  4. Tortuga Bay Villas, Dominican Republic – Oscar De la Renta fans have a choice of 15 deluxe villas designed by the famous designer himself, to choose from. The rooms here are designed in a classy manner in white, beige and yellow to soothe the mind. While you won’t find any loud prints here; you can be certain that the designer’s sophisticated taste adds grace to the overall design. With the Caribbean Sea for company, you’ll feel pampered from head to toe.

With more such hotels planned in the near future, here’s your chance to experience your favorite designer in a different way.

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