Fashion Trends in High End Jewelry

Within the jewelry world there are classic pieces that seem to always be in style, however there are also those very unique trends that come around every now and then to really shake things up. High end jewelry or fine jewelry lines are not immune to the impact of trends. Often just having the trend shown within a high end line means that it is moved beyond the trend stage and is now an acceptable fashion accessory or style.

Although gold has been around for centuries, the allure of this precious metal keeps it on top of the latest in fashion trends for all season wear. One of the newer fashion styles to sport gold is the multi-layered necklace. This style is typically in three layers of chain, attaching to the top layer with a single clasp at the back. The three layers or chains, shortest to longest, are separated enough to allow charms, beads or smaller gold pieces to hang between the layers, creating a warm, soft appearance. These stacked type necklaces are ideally suited to various open necklines but can also be worn as an accent to a jacket or over a top with a straight or high neckline. Since they are not long, hanging necklaces they are easy to wear and add a touch of richness.

Another gold high end fashion jewelry trend is the return to the bangle bracelets. These aren’t the old, clunky style of bracelets from the 60’s, rather they are exquisitely crafted with gold wire accents, designs and even gemstones. The bracelets can be worn as singles or can be stacked on the wrist to add color and depth to the gold tones. When stacked these gold bracelets are typically mixed, with wider and narrower bangles, solid and decorated and even different types of metals.

Trends in the designer rings currently seen in fashion shows and through designer collections continue to include the large, chunky rings that really make a statement. While the majority feature gold, there are also many in platinum, white gold and silver, with natural and synthesized gems. Unlike many of the older styles of rings there is typically one gemstone, not a collection or grouping. These rings are really the latest in fashion trends in the high end lines, with enamel, cut crystal and large semi-precious gems the most popular accent in the ring.

One of the biggest fashion trends in the more expensive jewelry lines is away from the chandelier type earrings towards more sleek and minimal type designs. These can include larger hoop type earrings or even longer, thinner styles of earrings that are also of various lengths to compliment any hairstyle and face shape. Earrings may be all precious metal or may have small, discrete gemstones to add color and dazzle. Emphasis is on the movement of the earrings, not just on the glitz and glamour. Smaller stud type diamond earrings are more evident in the high end fashion lines, some with colored diamonds to add that individual look.

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