Functional Suntanning Tips

Those with tans on their skins are regularly viewed as more attractive than those without them, especially in countries with colder climates. If you are looking for a beautiful suntan, there are several ways to accomplish this successfully. One of the best ways of doing it is by heading to the beach and spending a few hours lying on the beach or walking in the sun. Nevertheless one must be careful not to over-do it, as too much of sun is not good for the skin as well, and could result in you facing complications such as dry skin or even skin cancer!

It is not too easy to obtain a gorgeous suntan, nevertheless it is not too difficult either. You have to be careful to avoid sunburn, but how do you do this? Let us now browse through ways of obtaining gorgeous tans without doing too much of damage to your body:

1. Remember to first exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead cells from the surface. Be careful however not to exfoliate too hard or you may damage your inner skin.

2. Wear a suntan lotion which doubles up as a moisturizer. It would help you to tan slowly and effectively, as well as assisting you not to be burnt by the mere force of the sun’s rays. Always make sure that you spread the lotion well across all segments of your body to get a complete tan

3. Too much is never good for you. Tan only for a maximum of two hours per day, and make sure that you spread your body well on the ground or the bench

4. Always remember to have a good shower after you tan yourself, this would help you get rid of the sun-tan lotion. If possible use the mildest soap that you can find, it would help preserve your tan better

5. You must always drink a lot of water, as exposing yourself to the sun daily would make you lose fluids from your body at a faster rate, thus to avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water!

6. And remember to constantly use a moisturizer, or you would end up with dry and scaly skin!

Make use of the tips above to get for yourself a tan that would be the envy of everyone around you! Revel in the attention that the other sex showers you with once you have a beautiful tan on! All the best!

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