Gant Knitwear – Who Dresses You?

What does your wardrobe say about you? Unfair as it sounds and even as untrue that it might be, usually, there are two impressions men make by their appearances:

1. His wife/girlfriend/mom/partner has incredible taste!


2. Bless his heart. He needs a wife/girlfriend/mom/partner to help dress him!

Ah, rest easy – Gant men’s clothing has made it easier than ever to find those stylish designer clothes that look fantastic and frankly, you can’t go wrong (unless, of course, you take the missus, the mom or anyone else who’s grown accustomed to shopping for you – that rarely works out). So step up! Take your fashion destiny into your own hands and check out what Gant knitwear offers the well dressed man for this season:

Sweats – Tell the truth – if you could, wouldn’t you spend about 90% of your time in comfortable cotton sweats? The other ten percent you’d save for walking your daughter down the aisle or receiving the Nobel prize; but for most men, it’s one of those luxuries they spend their lives trying to accomplish. The Gant hoody will only reiterate your determination. They’re made with high quality cotton, they fit well and are available in those classic colors that work well with the colors on your sofa (for those who believe sweats and sofas go hand in hand).

The Gant V Neck Sweater – Gant is known as much for its versatility in its color pallets as it is the quality and great looks. Who said men’s designer knitwear had to cost a lot? This season’s offerings make no sacrifices in appearance, quality and affordability.

Check out the rich and depth in the black men’s sweater and the easy to coordinate turquoise is always a sure thing. To dress up those khakis you’re so fond of, consider the Gant V Neck in pastel green. It’s a great color for every man.

Take matters into your own hands this season and choose those men’s designer clothes you’ve allowed others to choose for too long.

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