GEM Lifestyle Network Marketing Company Review

The GEM Lifestyle Domain was originally registered in August of 2008 was was founded by Mark Campbell. He is also the CIO of Gran Scala which is a multi billion dollar project based overseas in Spain. This is a web based company who has recognized the marketplace and timing for online entertainment and web 3.0. This company has access to a more diverse selection of interactive games than anywhere else on the internet. They also deliver this same technology to mobile phones.

They operate out of GEM Island. It is here where you meet up with other GEM Lifestyle Players and test your skills at Casino Games, Chess Games, Stock Market Games, Football Stadiums, Horse Racing, Motor Racing Circuit and even a shopping mall. Please keep in mind this is a virtual island, it doesn’t really exist. Then they go one step further and offer all this with a Cutting Edge MLM Marketing Plan. This plan offers rewards through a Global Revenue Sharing Program. Their associates will have their own office which includes a 10,000 seat auditorium. You will also receive great support with individual service offices within GEM Island.

Mark Campbells team has a lot of experience building successful companies and leading large groups. The company also intends to go public within 3 years. There are 4 Revenue Pools in the company sharing plan. 50% of the GEM Lifestyle net profits will be reallocated to each of these revenue pools. There are 4 Pools which are the Ruby Pool, Sapphire Pool, Emerald Pool and the Matching Sapphire Pool Bonus & Diamond Pools which will each receive 25% of these earnings.

Their first year Business Service Package is priced at 275 British Pounds with an annual renewal fee of 120 pounds. In order to receive a commission you’ll need to sponsor 2 people, called “Gemmers”. To enter the Diamond Pool you have to have three AA’s which stands for Active Associates. To enter the Sapphire Pool Associates must bring in 4,000 GGV within a month as well as 3 Personally Sponsored Active Associates who have qualified in the Ruby Pool that month.

To get into the Emerald Pool you’ll need to be pulling down 20k of GGV each month and have 3 Personally Sponsored AA members who qualified in the Sapphire Pool that month. Getting in the Ruby Pool isn’t so bad. You only need 200 PGP which means Personal Gemmer Points and 3 personally sponsored Active Associates. You also need six associates in your group separate from the people you personally brought into the company.

As far as their legal policies they offer a 14 day return policy. The company also says it has the right to change their MLM Compensation Plan as long as they notify their Associates 30 days prior. Overall I think the leadership is in the right hands. And from the information I saw on their company website the technology is cutting-edge and I don’t see anyone trying to surpass it anytime soon. The MLM Compensation Plan for this company is no free ride, it will take real work to earn a good income with this MLM Company. But I believe based on what the product offers it’s not a hard sell.

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