Honey Masks Can Bring Out Natural Beauty

I really like honey in my tea, on cereal and in cooking. I never even thought that honey would be good for my skin, but I have been looking for organic skin products and thought that maybe honey would work. It turns out that it is very good for the skin because it is a natural antibacterial and also is an antiseptic. Who knew? From my cooking I know that it contains amino acids and enzymes and that also has to be good for the skin. Wow, I also found that it naturally cures acne!

I found that it cures the acne because it cleans the skin and because of the antibacterial properties it keeps anything from growing on the skin. Antioxidants in honey seem also to protect from the sun, so hooray, it is a sun block too!

So I guess I really don’t need all those potions and lotions with all the stuff we can’t even pronounce when there are the natural anti-aging properties in the honey that is right in my own kitchen. And I can even make my own honey mask to cure the acne and dark spots. What a deal.

Making Honey Masks

In order to make a honey mask, you have to mix it with something. Why use not something else from the kitchen like lemon, milk, oatmeal or anything else that might be good for the skin and for almost nothing, especially compared to the products in the stores.

Try these on for size:

• Combine some raw honey with a few drops of lavender and put on the skin for about 15 minutes

• For sensitive skin: a little bit (a tablespoon) of raw honey, half banana, ΒΌ cup cooked oatmeal with milk and egg to form a paste

• For acne: 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons milk, 1 tablespoon yogurt, a lemon and water for form a paste and leave on until it dries

• Another for acne: honey and a few drops of tea tree oil

• A tablespoon aloe vera and honey and leave on for 10 minutes for redness, inflammation and itchy skin (be sure this is made fresh every day)

Your friends are bound to notice the change if you use any of these honey masks because your skin will be suppler, smoother, moisturized and clear.

Creating Honey Masks

Make them fresh each day and use organic if possible. Filter the honey to get rid of the dust and pollen that could harm instead of help your skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to test first. You don’t want to break out when you are trying to clear your skin.

Honey masks are really sticky and messy, but don’t let that turn you off because they are so great for the skin.

But, do you really have the time to prepare fresh honey masks every day? They won’t be part of everyone’s daily beauty ritual, but if you make the effort you will have soft, acne free, supple and younger looking skin! Might be worth the mess and time, don’t you think?

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