How Procrastination Kills Your Success

Many people realize procrastination as the number one reason for killer of their success. Yet, very few people do something about procrastination. They procrastinate even doing something about this realization of theirs. And understandably so, because this is how paralyzing the force of procrastination could really be.

Developing a proper understanding of something is the only way to overcome the situation.

This article highlights some of the obvious thoughts about procrastination. The flip side is that although obvious, these thoughts are the least accepted. If they were better accepted, more people would break the habit of procrastination and attain their dream success.

First: Procrastination means delay:

This may seem rather simple. But I wonder if people really even understand the meaning of the word procrastination? It means DELAY… and that too in big and bold lettering. You see, none of us has a contract to live forever. We all are aware of this eternal truth. Some may feel that this is a depressing thought but I believe it is not so. This is because when you are fully aware of something you become alert about it. How many times do we see people wasting time? Can we be called aware of the simple truth that with every passing moment our allocated quota is getting over? What are you waiting for? Do you think anyone would procrastinate if they really know that it means DELAY?

Therefore, perhaps, people need to understand that procrastination is not a fancy word. It simply means DELAY.

Second: Procrastination is universal:

Procrastination is quite a universal phenomenon. In my opinion, there is no person alive who is not guilty of it at one point in time or the other. How do I know this? Well, I can be called some kind of an authority in the subject because I have experienced doing it several times. As absurd as it may seem, this article sat unfinished on my desk for quite a few days for the same reason – procrastination.

So, it is not my intention to get preachy with this topic. The motive behind this article is to draw attention to the real killer aspects of this universally present trait.

Third: Procrastination causes delay in your attainment of your success:

What procrastination does is cause delay in your attainment of your goals and eventually your success. I wonder, if any person in their right mind would want to delay attainment of their goals and dreams? Well, isn’t this exactly what we all are doing? Would you like to have your dreams now? Or, would you like to have them two, three, six, eight months… or years later?

Remember, everyone has to go through their fair share of temporary failure before attaining their desired success. No one knows exactly what will happen in the future. So does it not make more sense to start sooner rather than later? 

Fourth: Procrastination brings you closer to unfulfilled dreams and unfulfilled life:

Do you know that most people who go to their graves go there with the music still in them? ¬†This is because they hardly ever do what they wish to do in their lives. If you do not believe this, just try talking to some people over seventy-five or eighty years of age. Most of the time their talk is about how they lost opportunities… how they could have done better… how things could have turned differently, and the likes of this. Why does this happen? This happens only because of one reason – procrastination. They delayed doing what they wished to do.

You know what never ceases to surprise me is that even at a late stage, all they are doing is delaying by repenting, instead of actually doing something about it. Remember, it is not too late, till the time one is living.

Fifth: Procrastination creates pressure:

Procrastination creates immense pressure leading to loss of energy, loss of health, and mental sense of unworthiness. Even if this is not understood very well most of the people have experienced the bogged down feeling of lethargy when they have a pile of stuff just lying around begging for their attention. When they somehow muster up enough initiative to do some of these tasks, they release energy, and like a miracle all physical exhaustion just melts into thin air.

Therefore, get up and get going is quite a decent suggestion.

Let us not worry whether our decision is right or wrong. Just get going. If it eventually turns out wrong, you always have a choice to change it. You will also learn something out of making a bad choice. Procrastinating making a choice will not lead to anything.

Get up and get going is therefore, actually a great action advice, even if it means just taking a few baby steps forward.

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