How to Escape the Confines of Your Comfort Zone and Achieve Personal Greatness

Ah yes, the good old comfort zone. So named because you are in a place that is comforting to you. In other words, it is secure, unchanging, consistent, devoid of any anxiety or risk. A place where you can watch the world go by – as it leaves you standing in the dust!

Strange as it may seem, the comfort zone can be just as much of a liability as an asset. Part of entering our comfort comes from having conquered a situation or set of conflicts in our life. When we do this, we feel good about having accomplished that particular task. We feel that we have achieved an optimum position that we should maintain. It is a good feeling, a comfortable feeling. It is also a static feeling; one that remains unchanged in the face of a constantly changing life. Like it or not, change is one of the few constants that we can count on in our lives.

To enjoy the view from our comfort zone for a while is understandable. Much like the mountain climber who stops to observe the view while climbing the mountain, we should take time to review our accomplishments. During this review, we should remember what we did to get past the obstacles that were in our way. We should think about our mindset and the goals that gave us the drive to push our way forward. Did you fulfill your goals completely? Is there still a part of your goal that you would like to bring to light? How hard was it to overcome the obstacles that were in our path?

Don’t sell yourself short. You probably made good use of your skills to achieve this piece of comfort. Goal setting, problem solving, and a host of other skills are necessary to move into your comfort zone. Don’t let these skills languish and shrivel up. Exercise them as you do your muscles. Allow them to grow and become stronger. You showed the world (as well as your family and friends) that you have what it takes to move up in the world. These same skills can take you even further.

Most people sit in the prison of their comfort zone. Content to be where they are forever. What about your goals and dreams? Do you still have them? Are they still with you when you have a free moment? Don’t let them wither away. Your dreams are the manifestation of your desire. If you have accomplished enough to make it to one comfort zone, what is keeping you from progressing further? However, your dreams will remain dreams without the addition of action. The process of subjecting your dreams to an action plan will allow you to breach the walls of your prison and set you free to go further with your life than you ever believed.

This is the time to say to yourself that you can accomplish anything that you can dream. Surround yourself with positive, supporting people and shun the naysayers who wish to keep you shackled to your current situation You achieved your current position through the process of placing your imagination in the crucible of personal energy to achieve what you had never accomplished in the past. You did this at least one time; you can do it again. Actually, since you have completed your goal at least once in the past, you are probably better prepared to attain your goals this time. Much like riding a bicycle, goal setting, planning and the action necessary to achieve these goals, are skills that become improved the more they are utilized.

So enjoy the view for a while. You have earned this right. Just don’t forget that your next great accomplishment is right around the corner. You have turned a corner before to enter your comfort zone. Now turn the corner again to escape your prison and achieve the greatness that others only dream of.

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