Imagery & Affirmations – What Is Visualization


Visualization is a creative image or movie (moving image) you shape in your mind. You make a movie of a person, place or an event you play again and again. This makes an impression on the neural pathways of your brain that become stronger with repetition, playing the same movie again and again. You literally create what you repeatedly think about in your imagination.

Your subconscious mind sees things in black and white. Whatever you say to yourself will be taken at face value by your subconscious mind. It doesn’t know when you are kidding around, or if what you’re interpreting as the truth about your reality is in fact the truth.

Many of the things you tell yourself actually have no foundation in truth and instead may sabotage your best efforts. Thinking the same thoughts about yourself creates images in your mind that continually reinforce your thoughts until they become beliefs and habits.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION operates to magnetize life situations that will further reinforce these faulty beliefs and habits of mind like a self fulfilling prophecy.

When you change the way you perceive and interpret what’s happening in your life situation you’ll start asking different questions and start getting entirely different results.

You can and must get control of what vibrational frequencies, in the form of thoughts and emotions, you’re transmitting to the world in order to start attracting what you want for yourself consistently.

Join me for Imagery & Affirmations ~ Success Tools for Healing and Attracting Your Desires – Your First Action Step – Your Highest Potential.

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