Lyall Spa is a Sophisticated Day Spa Melbourne Has to Offer

I walked down the hallway to the back of The Lyall Hotel which is a favourite amongst the rich and famous including Pamela Anderson and Gwen Stefani.

There I saw two large glass doors that are the entrance to the spa.

As I opened the door and stepped inside I was greeted with Sia?

I said yes. The receptionist said welcome to The Lyall Spa.

What a wonderful way to be personally greeted. I was very impressed.

The treatment I was to have today was the Vichy Body Polish.

I had seen and heard a lot about this water treatment and have been meaning to have one forever. I finally managed to book a time and here I was.

The treatment started with a steam session in the steam room.

I am a bit claustrophobic so I was a bit concerned as we descended the stairs into the Vichy treatment area. I got even more concerned as my therapist told me we would be down there a few hours! Eeeek!

Then when she showed me the steam room I got a bit alarmed as it was a very small room. I entered the steam room and sat near the door in case I needed to make a hasty exit!

I was there to relax so I stretched my towel out and lay down. The lovely lights on the ceiling which changed colours from a soothing purple, to blue then pink really helped me relax even more.

They looked like beautiful twinkling stars in the sky…

After about ten minutes my therapist knocked on the door and it was time to start the Vichy treatment.

I was warned there would be a lot of water when I called to make my appointment and they were not wrong. I felt a bit guilty using all that water when we are in the middle of a water crises with strict water restrictions.

Those thoughts faded away as the water started to fall and I was in heaven.

The treatment involves you lying on a bed that has a horizontal bar above it with nozzles along it that spray water on you as you get a lovely massage. I thought the bar was stationary but this one rotated gently from side to side.

While this was happening my therapist was massaging my body with a lovely lime salt scrub.

The treatment finished all too soon.

Once this was done we moved to a treatment room upstairs where I was massaged again with the divine Gemstone Balm by Payot. It had an incredible relaxing scent and really moisturised my skin. It felt so silky smooth.

I asked my therapist for the details of the cream and once I got back to reception I was given the details. Unfortunately I was told it was not available for retail sale. But the thoughtful receptionist had written down the website for Payot and two contact phone numbers so I could investigate it myself.

Now that is what I call service.

As I walked past the reception of the hotel I was greeted by a member of staff who guessed that I had just been at the spa and asked how my treatment was.

I told him it was divine and walked out into the beautiful sunshine the rest of the day had for me.

If you like sophisticated style and wonderful staff with exceptional service you will love the Lyall Spa.

And…if you want to do some shopping in the most exclusive area in Melbourne you will really love this spa and its location.

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