Reality or Just Duplicates?

You see cheap copies all over in stores as well as on the Internet. The production of fake products is increasing at a drastic rate leading to lack of originality in the product industry. In today’s world, we see so many products duplicated and sold at a very cheap price. Not only is it illegal, but also an injustice to the companies who built it.

It has increased at such a drastic rate that there are many copies. It starts with a first duplicate also known as the “first copy” and it goes on and on. The reason people buy them is because these products are incredibly cheap. Everyone wants to save some bucks and thinks it is a great deal, but at the same time the time and effort the particular brand or company has put into it goes waste. There is a whole team, which works to bring that particular product into the market. Some products are expensive and can be less affordable, but there is a solid reason to be that way. When we buy these fake products, we fail our duty as true and responsible citizens.

Oakley is one of the brands which face this problem. Oakley is a brand which produces sports equipment and lifestyle pieces like sunglasses, watches, apparels, etc. Oakley is popular for its sunglasses. It has brilliant technologies and great designs which makes it very popular. It is a little more expensive than other brands, but that is due to the excellent quality and design of the product, a reasonable explanation to make it so.

Fake Oakleys are quite popular as many people cannot afford the original ones claiming them “super expensive”. Although the fake Oakleys are quite popular, they do not provide the same technology and finishing as the original ones. The reason to always go with the original product is that you will always get a better quality, rather the best quality. It is okay to invest a little more to get the best. The original brand always provides you the best.

The reason to buy the original Oakley sunglasses and not the fake Oakley sunglasses, is that they have a very good technology and are particularly crafted according to user needs. They provide the best sunglasses and eyewear and as responsible people we should do justice to their creation and buy the original ones and not the fake ones. Sometimes it also happens that there are really good replicas which trick us to buy fake sunglasses, although we intend to buy the original ones. Here are some ways to spot the fake ones.

How to spot fake Oakley sunglasses?

  • Always look for the code OO91O2:

Many replace this SKU code with zeros to make it look real. Also, do not forget to double-check it on the search engine to make sure it is real as it can be confusing sometimes.

  • Verify the format of frame specs:

The frame dimensions are always written on the frame. The real Oakley never uses a dash to separate the measurements, but uses an oval.

  • Check the part numbers inside the hinge:

The part numbers are always the same, like R3, L3.

  • Always compare the font “Holbrook” with the real font and do not forget to study the set of icons in the arm.

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