Start a Career in Fashion Writing

While you won’t start your career in the pages of a glossy magazine, if you are interested in fashion, you can write about it at any stage.

Start a Blog

A healthy fashion editorial market is another one of the benefits brought to us courtesy of the Internet. A search for fashion bloggers pulls up endless pages of Google results. If you have an eye for fashion, you can help drive trends writing about fashion on the Internet, either through your own blog or by pitching your stories to someone else’s. Many of the popular bloggers you see online today have branched into other avenues, such as books, television, magazines and columns.

Find a Niche

The key to having a successful fashion blog is finding a niche at which you can excel. People’s tastes in clothing are as individual as they are, and the same extends to their browsing in blogosphere. No one can possibly read all the blogs out there, so they’ll find bloggers with similar style sensibilities who can keep them up to date on what’s hot.

Start Local

Another option is to focus on your local market. In any mid-size and major city, there are plenty of local fashion designers and jewelry designers selling their stuff online, at artisan fairs or in local boutiques. They would love any media attention you can provide.

Do an Interview

Try writing a profile about a local designer. Find out how they got started in fashion and how they describe their style sensibility. After you do a few interviews, you’ll get used to it and it will become easy to ask the questions that will give you the information you need for an interesting article. If you have a good on-screen presence record a video of at least part of your interview. Most blogs are incorporating multi-media these days.

Pitch a Story

If you’re dying to see your name in print, focusing on local designers might make it happen. Pitch your stories to local papers and local lifestyle or tourism magazines. A small publication isn’t going to have a fashion writer on staff, so if you have work that would appeal to their readers, your chances of publication are better than they would be on other beats. You might also want to try college or university publications, though you probably won’t get paid.

Once you have a few published pieces or a significant online following, don’t be afraid to present your portfolio to one of those glossy magazines. You may be the fresh voice they’ve been seeking.

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