The Wellness Revolution

In the book 'The Wellness Revolution', Paul Zane Pfizer describes America's wellness industry in the year 2000 as a US $ 200 billion industry (expected to grow to US $ 1 trillion within a decade), yet very few people actually understand the right concept of health . They believe they are in the pink of health if they do not fall ill as frequently as their friends or family members.

But being healthy is more than just not visiting the doctor. It is about approaching life with energy, happiness and passion. It is when you stop dragging yourself out of bed, when you do not need caffeine to stay awake and when you can end the day feeling refreshed instead of burnt out.

The simplest wellness plan is the SEED Concept.

S – Sleep and rest for six to eight hours daily
E – Exercise regularly
E – Emotional Stability (Don't worry, be happy!)
D – Diet (Proper nutrition)

The first THREE requirements are relatively simple to fulfill. With a little discipline and practice, you can get a good night's sleep, find the time for a brisk walk around the neighborhood and learn to think positive thoughts. The fourth, however, is a stumbling block for many people because they do not understand what proper nutrition is and how to get it.

The trouble with most people is that although they have a blatant disregard for or ignorance of nutrition, they expect to live longer lives. Others want convenient, healthy fast food but have no idea where to find it. Proper nutrients are defined as a balanced basket of food that enhances the immune system, boosts longevity and improves appearance, vitality and mental alertness. As a general rule, nutritious food must:

  • Be plant-based
  • Be wholesome and not in a form of extraction
  • Have at least 12-15 varieties.
  • Have ingredients that are natural and healthy (coffee and tea don't fall into this category)
  • Be rich in vitamins and minerals, and more importantly, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and polysaccharides
  • Enhance and not interfere with the functioning of the immune system

The importance of the right nutritional supplements has been understand until recently. Many people do not see the need to take these supplements, believing that the nutrients in their daily diets are sufficient to boost their immune system. That would be true if we had the proper nutrition.

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