Things to Know About a Wellness Coach

What is the difference between a personal coach and a wellness coach? The way I see it is, a wellness coach can coach you in any area of your life. It could be physical, it could be business, it could be personal, it could be spiritual, and it could be family. That could be in whatever area; and/or all of the areas that need support, motivation and encouragement.

A coach is your ally, partner, and, at times, your conscience and accountability on your way to reaching the personal goals you have had for a long time, but have usually done little about. A wellness coach is designed to support and motivate you to achieve your goals and objectives.

The role of a wellness coach is to help individuals clarify their thinking, set and achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and create balance in their lives. In today’s competitive business market and the personal stress individuals are under, having a wellness coach is not a luxury, but a necessity.

A personal coach is not a counselor or therapist and it is important to remember that your coach is not intended to serve as a professional psychotherapist. They are also a partner who can support a person to develop their lives more intentionally and remain in balance. Help you take action to move from where you are now, to where you want to be and it is about changing habits.

A lifestyle coach is there to assist individuals going through a transition and setting larger and more realistic goals. Though not your boss or leader, a coach is your personal navigator and sounding board. They can be considered as a partner that doesn’t have a vested interest in your business or life, many people manage better with a partner.

A wellness coach is just a dial away and can be less than a dollar a day. Having a wellness coach is the ultimate pampering you can give yourself. My goal as your wellness coach is to empower you and to assist you in reaching your highest goals and dreams.

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