Trendy and Hippy Toddler Boy Clothing

Shopping for toddler boy clothing used to be quite a challenge because unlike shopping for little girls, the choices were just not there. Now, however, with the continuous creation and production happening in the fashion world some unique and adorable trendy outfits for little male tot have been generated. Manufacturers of baby clothing have followed suit.

The trend for toddler boy clothing is very different from the clothes for little girls. Clothing for baby boys is simpler, more functional yet unique. Their designs are patterned after the interests and likes of male tots such as animals, cars, super heroes and cartoon characters. Moreover, styles that are only noticeable in adult male clothes are incorporated and created in little male versions such as cargo or short pants, collared shirts, suits, blue jeans and other designer garments. One-piece sleepwear and jersey clothes are also available for the little guys.

Available toddler boy clothing in the malls are dependent on the season. For the summer season, parents should make sure that their little boys are ready for the sun. Velcro-strap sandals and flip-flops are a trend with the boys. It can be used in many types of outdoor activities and is very comfortable and cheap too. This footwear comes in hip designs suited for the boys. For a splash on the pool, swimming trunks should be a must in the parents’ shopping list. Let the little boy choose his own design and color as part of the fun experience. The only thing the parents have to check on with this clothing is its quality. Tank tops and t-shirts are also a must during summer. Boys would love these because they are comfortable. Make sure that the shirts can be matched with multiple differently colored shorts for practicality reasons. For shorts, choose denim and cargo shorts for different outdoor activities.

After surveying on what toddler boy clothing are needed for the summer, it is time to shop for them. The first thing that parents should check, before driving to the nearest mall, is the exact size of their little boys. Some parents would contest this because they believe they know it all. However during the first three years of a child, he grows very fast. So to be accurate, always check the size or the cash goes to waste. Another tip is for parents to buy clothes that are one to two sizes up to give room for growth. However, this tip is quite tricky as parents do not want the clothes to hamper the little boys’ movements. To resolve this, parents may want to buy those Velcro-type clothes instead of those closed by buttons or zippers. Velcro-type clothes follow the growth of the wearer since they can be adjusted to your toddler boys’ size at that moment. Most, if not all, toddler boy clothing should be 100% cotton and flame-retardant for maximum safety and comfort.

Choices for little boys’ clothing must always follow this prioritization: safety first, comfort second, accessibility third and last and should be the least, at this time, is style.

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