What Accessories to Wear in the Summer Time

Looking hot when the weather is even hotter is quite a challenge for all fashionable girls. How do you create a great outfit when all you want is to wear as little as possible? The answer is simple and the ladies will love it: accessorize! In summer time, clothes are all about light colors and fabrics, about comfortable simplicity. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your stylish vibe and settle for an impersonal, moth-eaten look. The good news is that when it comes to summer accessories, this season is all about color and personality.

Shoes are a girl’s best friends, at least when diamonds are out of reach. And never before have shoes been so flashy: all superstar designers have spiced their spring/summer fashion shows with shoes that make the rainbow look humble: electric blue, candy pink, all shades of green, it’s all there. Endless stiletto heels and pumps are the hottest trend and they are an absolute must for glam parties and nights out. Those of you who prefer comfy shoes will be glad to hear that leather sandals and gladiators that mix leather and fabric are still very much in. Another trend that stays with us is the ethnic-hippie look, which in terms of shoes translates into wooden heels and sandals made out of rope.

Purses follow the same colorful trend. Size is less important than ever, though the huge bags in which you can easily fit a truck are not as popular as they were in the last couple of seasons. Middle sized bags, bowling style or with long straps crossed over the chest are compulsory. Yet, a different, opposite trend is emerging: bags in neutral colors, work well for almost all occasions. These are a good idea especially if you go for the rainbow shoes or jewels. Color is great, but the overall impression that your outfit must produce is supposed to be fresh and pleasing to the eye, not reminiscent of an explosion at the paint factory.

Finally, jewels. This is definitely where size does matter. Ant it’s supposed to be big. Massive earrings and necklaces, rings and bangles. They are all huge and meant to make a statement. Now, there are different kinds of statements, agreed. But the fine, barely noticeable little chain and pendant that were once the pinnacle of good taste and refinement would actually seem dated and out of place for young women. The trick to it is choosing just one item to deliver your statement. If you put on a huge necklace, don’t wear any earrings unless the necklace is very long and goes all the way down to your waist. Or you can layer two or three big bangles, but don’t put anything on your other wrist. Belts are still in, but they have lost much in width.

So what kind of outfits allow you to sport such rich and colorful accessories? Simple, neutral, comfortable clothes. Long, gypsy-style dresses and skirts stay with us this summer, but trousers are making a stunning comeback. The model that will best compliment your sassy accessories has a classic cut, neutral colors and is made of a thin, breezy fabric. Get the linen trousers that make everything look good.

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