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Wellness Programs

Professional Employer Organizations have it in their best interest for the employees that they cover with health insurance to be healthy; consequently most of them offer Wellness Programs. The overall goal of a wellness program is to bring risk factors to the attention of the employee, and to provide them with information that will help them make healthy decisions.

Amongst other services, Wellness Programs primarily:

· Help employees manage chronic conditions, obesity, smoking cessation

Provides access and discounts for gym memberships, preventative therapies, etc.

· Connect employees to the proper professionals for a complex medical procedures

· Provide personalized health risk assessment from disease management health professionals

· Help employees keep track of doctor’s appointments, prescription schedules, etc.

To dig a little deeper, we’ll look into Personal Health Advocates (PHAs), which are sometimes a part of a wellness program. PHAs are specialized associates (typically a registered medical professional or nurse) who understands the intricacies of the health care system and how to navigate it efficiently. Amongst other things, PHAs help employees:

· Find specific doctors

· Handle health claims & ensure members use in-network services to avoid costs

· Help with paperwork and administration

The PHA services are usually a free service for anyone enrolled in the PEO’s health care plan.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Professional Employer Organizations also offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), a confidential third party counseling service that assists employees and their family members with personal, emotional, occupational and substance abuse problems. They also provide support for:

· Employees struggling with Depression

· Stress as a result of personal or professional matters

· Alcohol and drug abuse

· And other negative problems that can affect performance in the workplace

All counselors are licensed mental health professionals. The benefits of these programs include reduced absenteeism, tardiness, and reduced health insurance claims.

Employee Perk Programs:

Employee Perk Programs are becoming an increasingly popular service offered by Professional Employer Organizations. These programs offer employee discounts to retailers, movie and theatre tickets, theme parks, health and wellness centers, travel and entertainment, workplace apparel and education. Some of the discount programs include companies such as Staples, Dell, Bally Total Fitness, Target, Verizon Wireless, 1-800 Flowers, Budget Rent a Car, Universal Studios, Sea World, Blockbuster and much more.

Employee Training Courses & Continued Education

Professional Employer Organizations also offer in-person leadership and management training to managers and supervisors to help clients develop effective leaders. Courses range from maximizing employee motivation, leadership, the power of influence, and dealing with employee issues.

The benefits of this training has be shown to create higher retention rates in companies, improved employee morale and satisfaction, increased productivity, and employees feel more appreciated by their employer.

Online Skills Training:

Professional Employer Organizations provide online training for employees and managers on a variety of topics and disciplines ranging from HR, management and general computer software. The learning center is usually a web-based portal that allows the PEO clients to access up to a thousand online training courses for some PEOs. Some courses are great for all employees, with subjects ranging from business ethics, communications, self management, and sexual harassment. Managerial courses include team building, motivation techniques and management skills. The computer software topics include general program such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

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