Why The Wellness Approach, Makes Sense, For Most Of Us?

In nearly, every other nation, other than the United States, the approach to health care, and medical treatment, differs, in a significant way. In this country, we use, what is often referred to, as allopathy, or a chemically – oriented, symptoms – focus approach. In most of the rest of the world, that approach, is part of the overall treatment planning, but, is, for most ailments and illnesses, not the first one used. While we have witnessed, a significant drop, in how our health care, compares, statistically, with many other nations, they have become far more popular, and successful. Our attitude is often, one, which, pays little heed to, or, even, makes fun of, other, alternative approaches. In major nations, with quality health care, homeopathy, is often, the treatment, of, first – recourse, for a variety of reasons. It’s been around longer, in many instances, and has very few side effects. Homeopathic remedies focus on addressing the causes, rather than symptoms, and seeks to enhance, our immune systems. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the reasons, some of the potential advantages of the wellness approach.

1. Homeopathy: Isn’t it interesting, the same people, who refuse to accept, homeopathy, as a valid approach and treatment, are often, the strongest proponents, and believers, in the benefits of vaccines? Homeopathy, is based on the concepts, of, less – is – more, and, using a tiny amount of a particular ailment/ virus, etc, to develop an enhanced immune system. The most effective vaccines, work, with a similar principle, which is, introducing a tiny amount of a disease, in order to develop an immunity to the specific disease. One of the key advantages to homeopathy, is, it either works, or, has little, to no, harmful side- effects, nor interferes with any other medications, etc.

2. Alternative therapeutic approaches: There are many successful, alternative therapies, which are often, helpful, in a wellness approach. These include: therapeutic massage; acupuncture/ acupressure; etc.

3. Wellness: Shouldn’t the best orientation, be, combining a variety of approaches, in a system, which maximizes the potential to fully treat, and address, whatever ails you? Although, there is a need, for allopathy, especially for acute problems, such as cancer, and life – threatening conditions, or severe ailments, other approaches, might make more sense, for treating minor, less severe ailments, such as conditions, which might be, effectively treated, with alternative approaches. A wellness approach to health care, makes lots of sense, and balances, proper care, with intelligent balance!

Using a wellness approach to total health care, makes lots of sense, in terms of taking the best care, of our day – to – day, aches and pains, without undue risks, and/ or, side effects. Will you maintain an open mind, and consider the wide variety of possibilities, and alternatives?

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