Yoga and Positive Thinking Methods for Anxiety Relief

What do Yoga and positive thinking have to do with each other? Think no further than the Yogic practice of meditation. Meditation, for positive thought, is a foundational component of Yoga. Without meditation, we are only practicing a part of Yoga.

In the Yoga Sutras, written by Maharishi Patanjali, he describes the “Eight Limbs of Yoga.” Some Gurus and Yoga teachers look at these limbs as steps, but the final four stages, limbs, or steps, concern meditation. To look for solutions, within yourself, will empower you to help those around you and make the world a better place.

When you look into a body of water, you cannot see more than a foot below the surface if the surface is in turmoil. About an hour’s drive away from my wellness center, on Cape Cod, there are a number of sand bars, from Chatham to Provincetown. You can easily see them from the cliffs, on a clear summer day.

Unfortunately, for sailors of the past, there have been over 1000 ship wrecks off that stretch of coastline because of poor visibility and rough waters. The storms and high surf would cause an average of two ship wrecks per month in the early 1800’s.

The brain waves in your mind are much similar to the turmoil of the ocean, but with training in meditation you can learn to harness the power of your mind from within. During a meditation session, you can focus on an external object or on yourself.

Whatever you do, when you practice meditation, your thoughts must be positive, and you must make the time. The focused mind is productive, can make a difference, and does not have anxiety.

How long will this state of mind last? It is only temporary, but with continued meditation practice, the mind becomes stable, and “peace of mind” becomes a habit. The end result is you will find happiness, mental focus, and direction.

With this formula, you are free from anxiety at any time you wish to meditate. On top of this, meditation has no mental or physical side effects. Some people practice walking meditation, which is a relief to the mind and body. There are many forms of meditation, but all of them lead to a state of bliss.

The time you spend in meditation is as valuable as any form of hygiene. In fact, meditation is mental hygiene. None of us can afford to let anxiety run our lives.

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